• fairs

    Are you planning to organise a fair? Our experienced and qualified staff will take care of all the necessary preparation.
  • inflatables

    Inflatables, including castles and slides, are very popular among the youngest participants of any event.
  • euro-bungee

    Euro-bungee is sports and leisure equipment for younger and older users, which will raise the adrenaline level without any risk.
  • organisation of events

    Our offer is addressed to all those who wish to organise a fair, a picnic, a harvest festival or any other special event.

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Our offer – fun for everyone

Provision of safe entertainment and unforgettable memories is our motto. We make sure that both children and adults have a good time during all kinds of indoor and outdoor events. We always adjust our ideas to customer needs. Our experienced and reliable employees will see to all the details during both preparation and conducting of an event, and make sure nobody gets bored. The objects we offer are safe and made of top quality materials. Moreover, the rich variety of colours that our devices have will attract the attention of even the most demanding customer. Good value at a reasonable price is guaranteed.

Additionally, we organise games and competitions for children, such as face painting, modelling in plasticine and clay, painting etc. It is possible to have an individual competition on customer’s request so long as we are informed about the main theme and scope in advance.

Malowanie twarzy Malowanie twarzy

On request, we may enrich an event with "little something", like cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream and drinks. We also provide barbecue food as well as something for adults only – beer.

Jumping castles

Due to their many colourful elements, jumping castles are very frequently played in by children, who are eager to jump on them, to do front and back flips and fool around. It is the youngest participants of events that these objects are very popular with in our land of inflatable fun! These toys support children’s physical, emotional and interpersonal growth.

Jumping castles Jumping castles Jumping castles Jumping castles

Inflatable slides

In our land of inflatable fun, slides are enormously popular among small kids. They reinforce their physical, emotional and interpersonal development. Their numerous colourful elements make both younger and older children smile and want to jump, frolic around, slide down and then rest, but only to gather enough strength to continue having fun. If you want your child to play with peers and derive great pleasure from it, let him or her try out one of our slides!

Inflatable slides Inflatable slides Inflatable slides Inflatable slides

Ball pools

For the smallest children, we offer ball ponds. A ball pond is a safe place for fun and play filled with thousands of colourful balls. It gives your children endless opportunities to dive, jump, swim, throw balls and play. Ball ponds are compulsory elements of any playground.

Ball pools Ball pools Ball pools Ball pools


Carousels – they go up and down, left and right... All of us can remember those exciting carousel rides we used to take when we were children. Carousels are still inseparable elements of every fun fair. They are great for high jinks and spontaneous smiles!

Carousels Carousels

Electric toy trains

Which little boy wouldn’t dream of becoming an engine driver? Today, you can make your kids’ dream come true by taking them for an electric train ride. Each child may play the role of a passenger or a driver.


Front flips and back flips... high jumps... lots of joy and smile on adults’, teenagers’ and children’s faces – all of this thanks to mad but at the same time safe fun on a trampoline. The professional making of trampolines and additional safety elements in the form of a grid surrounding the trampoline mat are the guarantee of safe use.

Trampolines Trampolines


A playground is a wonderful place to have fun for our children. Each playground should be compulsorily equipped with colourful slides, swings, carousels, kiddie rides or sandpits, which give our kids lots of unforgettable experiences every day. Such a place should be also safe so that parents do not have to worry about their children’s safety. Playgrounds are usually situated next to bigger housing estates, schools, kindergartens or creches.


Would you like to find out what it feels like to be a bird and soar through vast skies? It’s easy – euro-bungee will fulfil your dreams! Euro-bungee is a sports and leisure device which will raise anyone’s adrenaline level risk-free. It enables you to perform all kinds of aerial stunts even at as insignificant height as 10 metres. It provides an unforgettable experience for both children and adults. It is completely safe due to special anchorage. Therefore, there is no reason to worry when we let our kid have fun with it!

Euro-bungee Euro-bungee Euro-bungee Euro-bungee

Euro-bungee Euro-bungee Euro-bungee

Electric toy cars

For those children who dream of driving a car, electric toy cars are a memorable experience. They are for each kid under ten and no driving licence is needed. Electric toy cars will provide everybody with incredible fun and crazy rides.

Electric toy cars Electric toy cars Electric toy cars Electric toy cars

Boxers, punch machines

We see a boxer – we hit it! Who among us would not like to check their physical strength and speed of impact, even if just once? Punch machines give us this opportunity without any scratches or injury. Boxers may be used not only during outdoor and indoor events, but also in bars, pubs or discos. Boxers allow us to give vent to our accumulated bad energy in a safe and easy way.

Boxers, punch machines

Kick machines

A kick machine is very similar to a punch machine. It allows us to check the strength of our kicks in the ball. It enjoys great popularity among kids and teens.

Kick machines

Air hockey

Air hockey is great fun for all those who would like to test themselves. It’s a two-player game and involves hitting a plastic puck with a special bat. In order to score points, one must shoot a puck into the opponent’s goal. The person who scores 9 goals wins. If you want to experience unforgettable emotions and have a great time, join us for an air hockey game!

Cotton candy and popcorn

A celebration should not go without goodies. Loved by children and adults, cotton candy is one of the highlights of any outdoor event. Both cotton candy’s and popcorn’s unique flavour has attracted people to festivities for years.

Cotton candy and popcorn Cotton candy and popcorn

Foil and rubber balloons

To party, one must not forget about balloons. During our events, you can buy not only rubber but also colourful foil balloons, which are adored by kids. They have different shapes: cartoon characters, cars, planes or animals.

Water walking ball

Water walking ball Water walking ball Water walking ball Water walking ball

Organisation of events, fairs, picnics

With our company’s help, you will organise a wonderful fair, bonding event, outdoor event, harvest festival, picnic or any other festivity. We focus on the quality and professionalism of our work, thanks to which you can be sure that your guests will have a great time. We are ready to meet all your demands and adjust our offer to your individual needs.